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If you or your family have a special Viennese story or connection, we’d love to share it. Please email your story to and it will appear on this website. You can also write your story in the Vienna Stories book at the Vienna: Art & Design exhibition.

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Posted 19 Jul 2011
by Grace

'Thank you for the opportunity to see a snippet of Vienna. I visited the city in 2008 while on exchange. A bit random, but I do remember the place for its carriages and horses; narrow pebble stone walkways framed by tall, white buildings; and the infamous Sacher torte, of which I bought two squares. I also bought a touristy T-shirt with this slogan: "No kangaroos in Austria."'

Posted 19 Jul 2011
by Anon

'I have a friend, Marta, who lives in Vienna. She is Italian (from Tyrol) but married to an Austrian, Rudi. We met while working at the Savoy Hotel in London in 1977. Whenever I visit her in Vienna – not very often, I might add – she always shares so much Austrian history, art, music and culture in general. She would be happy to know that this is my second time at this exhibition. At the same time, Marta knows so much about Australian history and is particularly interested in our Indigenous people. She sometimes puts me to shame with her amazing knowledge. This exhibition makes me feel like I am immersed in Vienna, its past and its design culture. Thank you for the experience.'

Posted 19 Jul 2011
by Helen

'If my father Paul were here now he would cry as he did when he showed me Vienna in 1980 – his first trip since 1938 when he left and came to Australia to escape Nazi occupation. I love the art deco aspect of this exhibition. That era still demonstrates the feel of Vienna today.'

Posted 19 Jul 2011
by Georgina

'My husband's family on his mother's side once owned a Gustav Klimt pencil drawing. My husband used to say: 'I like that fine lady.' But apparently the neighbour also liked it and asked if she could have it and was given it! Obviously, she knew what they didn't.'

Posted 19 Jul 2011
by Alana

'My grandparents were Viennese Jews who emigrated to Australia in 1938–39. Sadly, I never met them. Their apartment still stands in Vienna, and this exhibition has given me a greater appreciation of where they came from and my cultural background.'

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