Contempora Fellowship 2002-4: Aleks Danko
SONGS OF AUSTRALIA VOLUME 16 - SHH, GO BACK TO SLEEP (an un-Australian dob-in mix) 2004

Key works

  • Aleks Danko
born Australia 1962

    Aleks Danko
    born Australia 1962
    "Songs of Australia volume 16
    Shh, go back to sleep (an un-Australian dob-in mix)" 2004
    plywood, pencil and ink on paper, lighting, audio unit, DVD continuous loop (voice: Robbie McGregor, piano solo Song of Australia: Bryony Marks), synthentic polymer paint, vinyl text
    National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
    © Courtesy of the artist, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne and Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney