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In 2003, Australians experienced one of the most horrific bushfire seasons in this country's recorded history with over three million hectares, seven lives and around 600 homes lost in Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

The awe, terror and tragedy of bushfire have been constant themes in the creation of our national imagery. This exhibition presents a selection of works of art, dating back to 1859, which capture the immense effect bushfires have had on the Australian environment and its people.

Works exhibited include William Strutt's Black Thursday, February 6th 1851, kindly on loan from the State Library of Victoria, works by Sydney Long, Lin Onus, John Wolseley, Tim Storrier, the NGV's own Gippsland, Sunday night, February 20th 1898 by John Longstaff, and a group of works from the estate of Fred Williams.

16 Mar 200306 Jul 2003 The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square
Twentieth Century Australian Art (Gallery 8), Level 2, NGVA
Twentieth Century Australian Art (Gallery 8), Level 2, NGVA