• 01 May 2014 – 31 Aug 2014

    Inge KingConstellation

    Now in her 98th year, Inge King is one of our most senior artists. This exhibition will present the most complete survey of Inge’s remarkable career to date.

    Since arriving in Australia in 1951, Inge King has been a major contributor to the development of abstract sculpture in this country. She has exhibited her work consistently in solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions. Her work is held in all major national collections and through her numerous public commissions she has become one of Australia’s best known and most prominent sculptors.

  • 09 May 2014 – 31 Aug 2014

    David McDiarmidWhen This You See Remember Me

    I never saw art as being a safe thing. I know that exists but that's not something that involves me. David McDiarmid, 1993

    Defying classification, the work of David McDiarmid encompasses the complex and interconnected histories of art, craft, fashion, music, sex, gay liberation and identity politics; happily residing in the spaces between high and low art, popular culture and community engagement. At once kaleidoscopic, celebratory and darkly humorous in tone, the artist’s idiosyncratic, highly personal and at times, confessional work highlights the redefinition and deconstruction of identities – "from camp to gay to queer" – drawing on the experiences of a life intensely lived in Melbourne, Sydney and New York. Charting the shifts in politics and individual and community expression that unfold across the decades of the 1970s, 80s and 90s, this exhibition also reveals McDiarmid’s artistic and grassroots political response to the impact of HIV / AIDS during the 1980s and beyond, for which he is best known internationally.

  • 09 May 2014 – 31 Aug 2014

    Fashion Detective

    Fashion Detective takes a selection of miscellaneous garments and accessories as the starting point for a series of investigations. Using material evidence and commissioned fictions as alternate interpretative strategies, the exhibition is an encounter with the art of detection.

  • 16 May 2014 – 31 Aug 2014

    Melbourne Winter Masterpieces Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal CourtMuseo del Prado

    The holdings of Italian art in the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid are unique and unrivalled in museums outside Italy.  Drawn from its magnificent collection, this exhibition of over 70 paintings and 30 drawings presents a rich selection of works spanning 300 years of Italian art, from the early sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

  • 30 May 2014 – 19 Oct 2014

    Mid-Century ModernAustralian Furniture Design

    This dynamic exhibition presents a rare chance to enjoy the art of mid-century Australian furniture design and is part of our renewed focus on modern and contemporary design at the NGV.

    Innovative furniture design took hold in Australia following World War Two, prompted in part by the availability of new materials (and sometimes the shortages of others), the development of new production techniques and the influx of European immigrants who were skilled in the traditions of fine furniture making. Taking their cue from international trends in furniture, local designers adopted the pared-back language of modernism to create stylish sculptural furniture that was functional and flexible and which found the ideal setting in the modernist architecture of the period.

  • 04 Jul 2014 – 04 Nov 2014

    Bushido: Way of the Samurai

    Bushido explores the fascinating world of the samurai who were the warriors, rulers and aristocratic elite of Japanese society for more than 800 years.

    From the 12th century through to the end of the Edo period in 1868 the Shogun, regional lords and their warrior retainers (all samurai in their own right) ruled the country and lived to a strict code of ethics. This military aristocracy aspired to a life of spiritual harmony that not only perfected the art of war but also embodied an appreciation of the fine arts that established their life as an art form itself. Throughout these tumultuous times of war and peace samurai virtues of honesty, courage, benevolence, respect, self-sacrifice, self-control, duty, and loyalty combined with their passion for a cultural lifestyle not only established social stability, but also cultivated a legacy of art and culture in Japanese society that continues to this day.

  • 23 Aug 2014 – 19 Oct 2014

    Wade MarynowskyAutonomous improvisation

    In August 2014 NGV Studio will host an extraordinary exhibition where visitors will be greeted by a group of bizarre interactive human-like robots that will be let loose in the foyer of NGV Australia.

    Dr Wade Marynowsky is an anti-disciplinary artist who works across robotics, immersive and interactive installation, performance, music and video. His practice typically draws on technology and programmed structures to create works that straddle humour, high-camp and a host of unnerving thematic orientations to absorbing effect.

    Autonomous improvisation will give an insight into Marynowsky¹s remarkable artistic practice. It will include interactive robotics, sound sculpture, audiovisual installations and performances. It will also reveal a surprising and dramatic new work that Marynowsky will be developing at NGV Studio during the course of the exhibition.

  • 11 Oct 2014 – 22 Mar 2015

    Romance Was BornKids Project

    Commissioned for the new dedicated children’s gallery Romance Was Born: Kids Project is an interactive exhibition for children specifically designed for the NGV by Sydney-based fashion house Romance Was Born. This contemporary project for kids provides the ideal platform for designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett to share their whimsical and compelling vision with visitors of all ages. The captivating results provide a fantastical, larger than life environment for participation, play and creativity that blends fashion, art, music and design. The exhibition will feature works from collections past and present and will focus on the trademark collaborations and creative themes that underpin their practice. The project will also draw on the NGV Collection as one of its sources of inspiration.

  • 03 Oct 2014 – 15 Feb 2015

    Robert JacksOrder & Variation

    This exhibition will represent the first large-scale retrospective of Robert Jacks who is one of Australia’s most significant and accomplished abstract artists. From his first sell-out solo exhibition at Gallery A in Melbourne in 1966, through to his ongoing exploration of abstraction in painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking, his work has charted a distinctive and influential path through late twentieth and early twenty-first century Australian art.

  • 17 Oct 2014 – 08 Feb 2015

    The Fashion World of Jean Paul GaultierFrom the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

    The unconventional and playfully irreverent designs of Jean Paul Gaultier will be celebrated in the first international exhibition dedicated to this groundbreaking French couturier.

    The National Gallery of Victoria will be the only Australian venue for The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, which will feature more than 140 superbly crafted garments in addition to photographs, sketches, stage costumes, excerpts from runway shows, film, television, concerts and dance performances.

  • 17 Oct 2014 – 01 Mar 2015

    Between the sun and the moonDrawings by the Heide and Murrumbeena artists

    This exhibition is selected from the NGV’s strong holdings of expressive drawings and watercolours created by Arthur Boyd, Joy Hester, Sidney Nolan, John Perceval and Albert Tucker during the 1940s and 50’s.

    Hester, Nolan and Tucker were closely involved with John and Sunday Reed at their property Heide at Bulleen, and with the progressive literary and artistic movement known as the Angry Penguins. Their contemporaries Arthur Boyd and John Perceval were based in Murrumbeena, where they established a pottery Open Country upon returning from military service. Each artist in their own way challenged the accepted mores of Melbourne’s art scene. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to see these works on paper displayed in depth.

  • 14 Nov 2014 – 01 Mar 2015

    David Shrigley

    In the summer of 2014–15, NGV presents David Shrigley, a comprehensive exhibition – his first in Australia – of new and recent work by the internationally renowned Glasgow-based artist. Shrigley is perhaps best known for his stripped back, darkly humourous and deliberately crude drawings that explore existential dramas, human dysfunction and anxiety.

  • 21 Nov 2014 – 01 Mar 2015

    Emily FloydThe Dawn

    Emily Floyd: The Dawn is a survey exhibition of the work of Melbourne based artist Emily Floyd. The exhibition will feature keynote works dating from 2001 to 2014 including major installations, lesser-known early works and a newly commissioned kid's project based on Feminist activism from the 1970s and 80s. Working in sculpture, installation, printmaking and public art, Floyd is renowned for her text-based sculptures and pedagogically-inspired works which combine formal concerns with an interest in the legacies of modernism.