Australian photography in the 1960s

The 1960s was a period of social turbulence, when youthful passions changed the world. In Australia, it was a time of prosperity when many of the so-called 'lucky generation' were galvanized into action. People protested not only against our involvement in the Vietnam War but for social change, including Aboriginal rights and equal pay for women.

This exhibition seeks to 'flashback' to photography of the 1960s – a period little recognised now – to consider and celebrate the contribution of Australian practitioners. It was a decade in which documentary photography flourished and this is reflected in the range of early acquisitions of the Department of Photography at the National Gallery of Victoria. As well as the contribution of documentary photographers, this exhibition will consider successful commercial practitioners and emerging artists of the time.

03 Dec 200428 Mar 2005 The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square