Opus 2008
Robert Klippel
No. 881 c.1990
No title (No. 1326) c.1990
and works from the series
No title (No. 1232) 1980
Private collection, Sydney
© Andrew Klippel

Robert Klippel is regarded as Australia’s most important sculptor of the post-war 20th century period. Known for his abstract assemblages created from found objects he is a distinguished figure in the history of Australian art. Andrew Klippel, Robert’s son, is a composer and musician who has achieved international recognition as a solo musician, songwriter and influential music producer.

Klippel/Klippel: Opus 2008 is a unique and compelling sensory experience which presents a group of Robert Klippel’s small-scale sculptures that were produced during the 1980s and 1990s - some of these have never been publicly displayed. It also includes the monumental bronze work No. 709. Andrew has arranged for this work, which Robert was preparing to cast at the time of his death, to be executed for the NGV and included in the exhibition. And, in an important artistic response, Andrew Klippel has created a soundscape - a meditation on his father’s work.

Klippel/Klippel: Opus 2008 is an extraordinary and immersive exhibition that celebrates the creative process.

07 Aug 200802 Nov 2008 The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square
Temporary Exhibition (Gallery 17), Level 3, NGVA
Temporary Exhibition (Gallery 17), Level 3, NGVA