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  • 24 Feb 2006 – 21 May 2006

    William Kentridge7 Fragments for Georges Méliès

    William Kentridge is internationally renowned for his animated short films, and for the charcoal drawings he makes in producing them. 7 Fragments for Georges Méliès is a meditation on the life of the artist and as a suite of films it encapsulates Kentridge’s practice: drawing, performance, sculpture, animation and film.

  • 09 Feb 2006 – 11 Jul 2006

    Land Marks

    Land Marks, drawn almost entirely from the NGV’s collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, looks at the history of Indigenous art in Australia and acknowledges some of its great masters of tradition and innovation. It also traces the evolution of new forms of painting and sculpture in Indigenous Australia.

  • 17 Dec 2005 – 26 Feb 2006

    Paul PfeifferMorning after the deluge

    Morning after the deluge is a video installation by New York based artist Paul Pfeiffer. At the core of Pfeiffer's practice is an investigation into the impact of the digital age on our perceptions of reality and the nature of vision.

  • 09 Dec 2005 – 26 Mar 2006

    Exiles and EmigrantsEpic Journeys to Australia in the Victorian Era

    During the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901) almost 15 million people left the British Isles in search of a better life. Exiles and Emigrants is the first art exhibition to focus on the issue of emigration during this extraordinary chapter of Australian history.

  • 09 Dec 2005 – 07 May 2006


    This exhibition celebrates the work of Australian-born contemporary fashion designer Martin Grant. It presents works from the early 1990s, designed after he established his label in Paris, through to his 2006 spring-summer collection. These works offer an insight into Grant’s influences and the recurring themes that characterise his approach to design.

  • 01 Dec 2005 – 30 Apr 2006

    DRAWNFrom the Collection

    This exhibition explores the diversity and continuity of drawing practice from the 15th century until the present day. It traces the different ways drawing has been used by painters, sculptors and designers and highlights both formal and conceptual connections between drawing practices across time.

  • 23 Nov 2005 – 07 May 2006

    Remote ControlContemporary Photomedia

    This is an exhibition of contemporary international and Australian photography and video from the NGV Collection. Showcased are four works of cinematic style and proportion – in each work, the artist takes on a directorial role, manoeuvring lighting, sets and actors from behind the lens, as if by remote control.

  • 12 Nov 2005 – 29 Jan 2006

    Margaret PrestonArt and Life

    Margaret Preston (1875–1963) is one of Australia’s most innovative early modernists. In this first major retrospective of Margaret Preston’s work, more than 100 of her commanding compositions are brought together with her prints, pottery, textiles, photographs and documents. 

  • 04 Nov 2005 – 19 Mar 2006

    Gwyn Hanssen PigottA Survey 1955–2005

    This is the first comprehensive survey of ceramic works by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Australia’s most acclaimed potter. The exhibition features functional wares she produced in the 1960s and 1970s through to still-life groups of porcelain vessels that she developed in the 1980s and for which she is internationally renowned.

  • 28 Oct 2005 – 05 Feb 2006

    British Art & the 60s from Tate Britain

    This exhibition explores new departures in the form and content of art in Britain from 1956 to 1968. This was a period of seismic change in Britain and in British culture. The art of the period both reflected and participated in the social revolution that became mythologised as the 'Swinging Sixties'.

  • 21 Oct 2005 – 29 Jan 2006


    This exhibition features print publications by some of the most acclaimed artists working in Britain over the past two decades including Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Marc Quinn, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Julian Opie and Langlands & Bell.

  • 26 Aug 2005 – 02 Apr 2006

    EverlastingThe Flower in Fashion and Textiles

    This is the first exhibition in Australia to survey the enduring presence of floral themes and motifs within western fashion and textiles. On display are 46 examples of women's and men's dress, textiles and accessories dating from the middle of the 16th century to the dawn of our present century.

  • 02 Aug 2005 – 06 Nov 2005

    This & Other WorldsContemporary Australian Drawing

    This exhibition features works made during the past ten years by artists for whom drawing is an essential and consistent part of their practice. The selection is representative of the energy and inherent diversity that characterise contemporary drawing activity in Australia. 

  • 24 Jun 2005 – 02 Oct 2005

    Dutch MastersFrom the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

    This exhibition offers audiences the richest survey of 17th century Dutch art ever staged in Australia. The exhibition brings together more than 100 works and decorative objects by great artists such as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Pieter de Hooch and Jan Steen.

  • 10 Jun 2005 – 13 Nov 2005

    SkinPhotographs of the body from the twentieth century

    Since the medium of photography began in the 1830s, the body, especially the nude, has been the subject of our fascinated gaze. This exhibition explores how artists have used the camera to describe, celebrate and mythologise the naked body through a selection of photographs drawn from the NGV Collection.

  • 04 Jun 2005 – 21 Aug 2005

    Bruce NaumanMapping the studio

    Bruce Nauman is an American sculptor, photographer and performance artist working with video. This exhibition brings together two distinct but related bodies of video work by Bruce Nauman that investigate the role of the artist and the possibilities of artistic creation within the confines of the studio environment.

  • 03 Jun 2005 – 06 Nov 2005

    Albrecht DürerMaster of the Renaissance

    This exhibition, comprising more than 150 engravings, woodcuts and printed books, celebrates the art of Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), one of the most brilliant artists of the Renaissance. Works are drawn entirely from the NGV’s comprehensive collection of Dürer's prints, which is among the finest in the world.

  • 01 May 2005 – 13 Jun 2005

    Top Arts: VCE 2004

    Top Arts: VCE 2004 presents outstanding work completed by young student artists as part of their assessment for VCE Art and Studio Arts. This exhibition highlights the NGV’s strong commitment and support of contemporary art, arts education and showcases the ideas and attitudes of young people.

  • 23 Apr 2005 – 10 Jul 2005

    Bill Henson3 Decades of Photography

    Bill Henson is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. His powerful photographs approach the painterly and the cinematic, bringing together the formal and classical with the gritty dramas of the everyday. Organised by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, this exhibition is the first major survey of Henson's work. 

  • 22 Apr 2005 – 02 Oct 2005

    Pictures of the Floating WorldJapanese Prints from the Collection

    Pictures of the Floating World (ukiyo-e in Japanese) was the phrase applied to the popular arts of the woodblock prints, illustrated books and paintings that portrayed Japanese urban life in the Edo period of 1615–1868. This exhibition presents more than100 Japanese woodblock prints from the NGV’s Asian art collection.

  • 16 Mar 2005 – 08 May 2005

    Andy Warhol's Time Capsules

    The phenomenal contents of Andy Warhol's Time Capsules provide a unique window into the life of this prolific and iconic artist, but also offer an almost exhaustive cultural context for the social and artistic scene in America during Warhol’s career.

  • 11 Feb 2005 – 06 Nov 2005

    Flair: From salon to boutiqueAustralian fashion labels through the 60s

    Fashion in the 1960s underwent a radical cultural transformation. As ready-to-wear replaced custom made, a new generation of young Australian designers emerged to produce garments for their own lifestyles. This exhibition looks at the major style shift from middle age to teenage, and considers its influence on contemporary Australian fashion.

  • 08 Feb 2005 – 22 May 2005

    ShashinNineteenth–century Japanese Studio Photography

    In the mid 19th century a distinctive style of photography developed in Japan. Shashin (Japanese for ‘photography’) explores this remarkable period where Western and Japanese photographers followed the conventions and subject matter of the famed ukiyo-e woodblock prints to show courtesans, actors and scenes of entertainment.

  • 29 Jan 2005 – 27 Feb 2005
  • 18 Dec 2004 – 08 May 2005

    GrotesqueThe Diabolical and Fantastic in Art

    This exhibition draws on the NGV’s rich collection of prints, drawings and illustrated books to explore the ways in which European artists have given expression to the monstrous, the diabolical and the fantastic from the 15th century through to the 21st century.

  • 03 Dec 2004 – 28 Mar 2005

    FlashbackAustralian photography in the 1960s

    This exhibition seeks to 'flashback' to photography of the 1960s to consider and celebrate the contribution of Australian practitioners. It was a decade in which documentary photography flourished and this is reflected in the range of early acquisitions of the Department of Photography at the NGV.

  • 03 Dec 2004 – 28 Mar 2005

    Akira IsogawaPrintemps – Été

    Akira Isogawa is one of Australia's most distinctive and respected contemporary designers. This exhibition focuses on the creative process that Isogawa embarked upon over a five month period in the lead up to the presentation of his spring/summer collection in Paris in October 2004.

  • 27 Nov 2004 – 14 Mar 2005

    Colour PowerAboriginal art post 1984

    This exhibition celebrates Aboriginal art of the 'New Wave': the daring and visionary use of colour by Indigenous artists throughout Australia. In defiance of preconceptions that the quintessential colours of Aboriginal art are natural ochres, Colour Power unveils its opposite – a farrago of great colourists, working with new media.

  • 20 Nov 2004 – 16 Jan 2005

    Plein-air painting in Europe 1780-1850

    This is an exhibition of landscape sketches painted en plein air, that is, painted out of doors, before the motif, by European artists in the decades before Impressionism. Artists represented include Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, Thomas Jones, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and John Constable. Organised by the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan.

  • 19 Nov 2004 – 05 Jun 2005


    Metropolis is an exhibition of international projection works created by artists who have used the idea of the city as a source of inspiration. These works explore the city as both a physical and psychological space, play with real and imagined spaces, and range from the poetic to the representational.