The cricket and the dragon
Animals in Asian Art
Pig and lily root
woodcut printed in yellow ink (colour)

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Gift of Mr & Mrs M. Salmon, 1960

Aimed at children of all ages, The cricket and the dragon explores images of animals from the Asian Collection. The exhibition covers all media and a wide time period. Elephants, insects, cats, buffalo; animals are a favourite subject matter in all forms of Asian Art. Works from South East Asia, China, India, Persia and Japan explore the symbolic and mythological meanings of animals in Asian art.

This fun and colourful exhibition presents stories and traditions from Asia and provides an insight into the rich history of the artistic interpretations of the form of the animal.

17 Oct 200815 Mar 2009 NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road

Asian Art Temporary Exhibition, Mezzanine, NGVI