The retrospective 1982-97

The Retrospective has been especially curated for Melbourne. Drawn from the Gianni Versace archives in Milan and featuring 72 garments covering the period 1982-1997, it presents a survey of Versace's major themes and includes garments that have never before seen in Australia.

The history of costume, innovative textiles, the visual arts and a celebration of the body are important catalysts for these clothing designs. The dresses, suits, skirts, shirts and costumes in metal mesh, plastic, lace, rhinestones, silk and leather drape and cling to the Versace designed mannequins.

Displayed in the contemplative environment of the museum, away from associations with glamorous people, media hype or advertising campaigns, the garments are read as art works in their own right.


17 Nov 200304 Feb 2003 National Gallery of Victoria