Melbourne Now Forums

Melbourne Now Forums took place in February 2013

In anticipation of Melbourne Now, the NGV talked with Melbournians about the latest art, design, fashion, architecture, music and film in Melbourne. The forums explored issues and subjects that drive our dynamic artistic community.

Watch the Melbourne Now forums online:

COLLABORATIONS: 3 Feb  view highlights
This discussion focuses on Melbourne artists who work collaboratively as a mode of practice, as well as those who have collaborated with designers, architects, musicians and fashion designers on one-off projects that fall outside their usual practice.
Speakers include Tony Ellwood (Director, NGV), Phip Murray (Curator & Writer), Susan Cohn (Jewellery Designer), Ash Keating (Artist) & Tom Supple (Director, Supple Fox).
Presenter Amanda Smith, ABC Radio National

INTERSECTIONS: 10 Feb   view highlights
Integrated art forms blur the boundaries between music, art, fashion and design. Join leading artists and designers on an exploration of works that cross disciplines.
Speakers include Dr Isobel Crombie (Assistant Director, Curatorial, NGV), Fleur Watson (Curator for Design Hub, RMIT), Jon Campbell (Artist & Musician), Susan Dimasi (Fashion Designer, MaterialByProduct) & Gideon Obarzanek (Founder, Chunky Move)
Presenter Fenella Kernebone, ABC Radio National

: 17 Feb   view highlights
The trend of recycling in art & design today will be explored – literally in terms of sustainability and recycling of materials, but also conceptually with regard to recycling trends and movements, as well as genres and reappropriating them.
Speakers include Katie Somerville (Curator, Australian Fashion & Textiles, NGV), Chaco Kato (Artist & representing Slow Art Collective) Simone LeAmon (Designer & Artist),  James Legge (Director, Six Degrees) and Penny Byrne (Artist)
Presenter Amanda Smith, ABC Radio National

: 24 Feb view highlights
Melbourne Next will address issues of contemporary city life through the exploration of new ideas, discussion on growth of the city, changing demographics, ageing population, transport and ultimately the forward-thinking solutions for urban life. Who and what will be the drivers of Melbourne culture in the future? Have your say via #melbournenow.
Speakers include Max Delany (Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV), Bindi Cole (Artist), Emily Sexton (Artistic Director, Next Wave), Melissa Loughnan (Director, Utopian Slumps), Lucy McRae (Artist) and Ewan McEoin (Director, Studio Propeller)
Presenter Daniel Browning, ABC Radio National

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Melbourne Now celebrates the latest art, design and architecture produced in this city. A city is significantly shaped by the artists, designers and architects who live and work there, and Melbourne is no exception. This ambitious and far-reaching exhibition will show how visual artists have profoundly contributed to creating a place that is unique, how it is that art shapes a city in a physical and conceptual way and how a city also shapes its creative practitioners. Melbourne Now will open in November this year.