Michel Blazy
born Monaco 1966
Bouquet Final 2 2012
installation view
© Michel Blazy
Courtesy Art:Concept, Paris

White Night Melbourne at the NGV

Join us as we celebrate a night like no other. On Saturday 23 February, both NGV International and NGV Australia will open all night from 7pm–7am, with free performances, great art, fabulous food and wine, discounted entry to ticketed exhibitions and guided exhibition tours at 6, 7 and 8pm.

Sunset to sunrise
Sat 23 Feb, 7pm – Sun 24 Feb, 7am
NGV International

Encounter an all-night visual extravaganza. NGV International will be transformed as the building is illuminated by projections; whilst visitors can enjoy international exhibitions Radiance: The Neo-Impressionists and Thomas Demand. French artist, Michel Blazy will transform the Great Hall with Bouquet Final 2, a cascade of billowing foam, with free short talks on this spectacular work at  6, 7, 8 and 9pm.

Howl at the moon
Sat 23 Feb, 7pm – Sun 24 Feb, 7am
The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

Stay up late with live performance and after-hours access to contemporary exhibitions Jeff Wall Photographs and Negotiating this world: Contemporary Australian Art. NGV Australia hosts an all-night live music and visual program performed by renowned contemporary Australian artists. Featuring David Chesworth’s 11 piece Ensemble, Snawklor, BAMBOO MUSIK, Darren Sylvester, Pamela, Dylan Martorell, Eugene Carchesio, Ros Bandt & Albert Mishriki, Philip Samartzis, and an overnight endurance performance by Domenico De Clario in Negotiating this world.

Full details of performances listed in daily Programs Calendar.

Entry is free. Concession entry applies to Radiance: The Neo-Impressionists, Jeff Wall Photographs and Thomas Demand 7pm Sat 23 Feb – 7am Sun 24 Feb.

Please note, exhibitions and gallery spaces that will be open during White Night are limited to Federation Court, The Great Hall, Radiance: The Neo-Impressionists and Thomas Demand at NGV International; and Ground Level foyer and Level 3 foyer,  Jeff Wall Photographs and Negotiating this world: Contemporary Australian Art at NGV Australia.

White Night Melbourne

Visitors enjoying NGV Sunday Summer Sessions in the Grollo Equiset Gardens

NGV Summer

Summer is best spent indoors! Enjoy great art, eat, drink, shop, learn, play or spend some time in Melbourne’s best backyard this summer.

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