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Header: Australian Impressionism


Welcome to the Australian Impressionism Education Resource

image: decorative motif


Exhibition Patrons viewing
Tom Roberts
Shearing the rams
oil on canvas on composition board
122.4 x 183.3 cm,
National Gallery of Victoria,
Felton Bequest, 1932


Australian Impressionism is a rich resource for students of all year levels and for a range of learning areas across the curriculum, including the Visual Arts, History and English.


The resource includes:

  • A comprehensive ‘Insights’ section that provides multiple entry points for enjoying, exploring and learning from the exhibition. These include a focus on the historic and artistic context of Australian Impressionism and an investigation of the exhibition’s key themes. Contemporary interpretations of selected works are considered to highlight the enduring role that the images of the Australian Impressionists have played in both reflecting and defining Australian culture and identity.
  • Images of selected works in the exhibition, and contextual and comparative images, to enrich student understanding and learning.
  • Pre-visit, visit and post-visit questions and activities that are designed to actively engage students with key themes and ideas in the exhibition, as well as foster thinking and learning skills, including creative thinking, analysis, communication and teamwork.

Information in this education resource has been prepared for teachers and later year students.  Questions and activities are provided for all year levels.



Thank you.