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Questions and Activities


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This section of the Australian Impressionism online resource includes a range of questions and activities related to the exhibition for Early, Middle and Later Years students, and for different learning areas.


Prepare – questions and activities for before your visit

Explore – questions and activities to use during your visit

Reflect and research – questions and activities for after your visit.


Questions and activities should be selected and adapted by teachers to suit the specific level, interests and experience of students.


Links to particular domains and dimensions within the ‘Victorian Essential Learning Standards’ (VELS) and key knowledge and skills in selected VCE units are highlighted by icons on selected activities and questions.


Further information about the key themes and ideas that are the focus of these questions and activities can be found in the Insights section of the website.


Please refer to the teaching and learning resource on the VELS website for learning and teaching strategies that can be used in conjunction with these questions and activities:


Early years (P–4, VELS levels 1–3)

Middle years (5–9, VELS levels 4–6)

Later years (10–12, VELS level 6, Victorian Certificate of Education)