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Section 1: Early Engravings and Reproductive Prints
Reproductive engravings from books published between 1789 and 1816. This section also includes a coloured copy of Night Thoughts, 1796, and Blair's Grave, 1808 with twelve etchings by Louis Schiavonetti after Blake.

  Section 2: Songs of Innocence
Fourteen plates printed on seven sheets comprising Copy X, coloured before 1794.

  Section 3: Illuminated Printing
Three separate plates from Europe: A Prophecy, 1794 (plate 8); The First Book of Urizen, 1794 (plate 21) and Jerusalem c.1804-15/c.1818-20 (plate 51).

  Section 4: Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims
An impression of the third state of this engraving, first published in 1810.

  Section 5: Illustrations to Milton
Two watercolours illustrating Paradise Lost, from the set of twelve commissioned by John Linnell in 1820.

  Section 6: Illustrations to Dante
Thirty-six watercolours illustrating the Divine Comedy from a total of one hundred and two, made 1824-27. This section also includes the seven Dante engravings.

  Section 7: Thornton's Virgil
Fourteen wood engravings from the complete set of seventeen, 1820-21.

  Section 8: Book of Job
A complete set of twenty two 'proof' impressions, 1823-26.

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