Taking inspiration from the NGV Collection and exhibitions, NGV Online Courses focus on art history, creative skill building and linking art with contemporary issues. 




Upcoming Course: Surrealism – 1920s to Now

Starts 8 February 2021 NGV curators and guests present an intermediate level study of the history of Surrealism and its ongoing influence on contemporary art and visual culture. Starting with the birth of the movement in Europe in the 1920s, the course introduces the key techniques and processes used by the Surrealists, its arrival in Australia in the 1930s and the ways that it continues to be referenced by artists, film-makers and advertisers working today.

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Upcoming Course: Women in Art & Design

Starts 1 March 2021 | Enrolments open 22 Jan | Register your interest to be notified when enrolments open. Women have always made art, but for centuries formal recognition of their work has been hampered by social, cultural and economic structures. Today, there is growing interest in the contribution of women artists, including redressing historical collections to include important and lesser known artists from key periods in art history as well as the critical role of contemporary artists and designers. Learn about the unique contributions of women to the art world through historical and contemporary art and design from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia in the NGV Collection.

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Upcoming Course: Colour

Starts 29 March 2021 | Enrolments open 22 Jan | Register your interest to be notified when enrolments open. Colour pervades and enriches every aspect of our lives. NGV curators and guests guide participants through a study of the various facets of colour including colour theory, the history of pigments, the science behind colour and our relationship with it. Held in association with the exhibition Spectrum: An Exploration of Colour at NGV International, this course explores the central role of colour in art and design throughout history.

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Past Course: The Art of Writing

Register your interest to be notified of future course dates. Every picture tells a story and the NGV Collection is a limitless well of histories, cultures and perspectives. This online course uses art as the starting point to explore ideas and develop your creative writing skills in both poetry and prose, guided by celebrated author Cate Kennedy and La Trobe University’s Head of Creative Arts and English, Dr Catherine Padmore. The Art of Writing is supported by Presenting Partner La Trobe University.

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