Salvador Dalí IMAGE BANK
Dalí and the Land
Self-portrait with Raphaelesque
(c. 1921)
Figure on the rocks 1926
The angel of Port Lligat 1952
Dalí the Man
Soft self-portrait with grilled bacon 1941
Daddy Longlegs of the
evening – Hope!
Dalí and Love
Portrait of Gala with two lamb
chops in equilibrium upon her
c. 1934
Portrait of my sister 1925
Dalí and Science
The disintegration of The persistence of memory 1952–54
In search of the fourth dimension 1979
Dalí and Religion
The Ecumenical Council 1960
Christ in perspective 1950
Dalí and Food
Anthropomorphic bread 1932
Retrospective bust of a woman 1933
Eucharistic still life 1952
Dalí and Surrealism
Archeological reminiscence of
Millet's Angelus
(c. 1934)
The hand. The remorse of conscience 1930
Memory of the child-woman 1932
Slave market with apparition of the invisible bust of Voltaire’ 1940
Late Dalí
Portrait of Gala 1969
Study for Fifty abstract paintings which as seen from ... (c. 1962)
Dalí the Media
Set design for the film Spellbound.
Eyes and staircase
(c. 1945)
Philippe HALSMAN
Dalí Atomicus 1948, printed 1981
Dalí and Design
Gala wearing the shoe-hat created
by Elsa Schiaparelli
... 1938
Bleeding world, pendant 1953
Façade of the Dream of Venus
The Lenders USA
The spectral cow (c. 1928)
Three young surrealist women
holding in their arms the skins
of an orchestra
Self-portrait in the studio (c. 1919)
The Lenders Spain
Portrait of the cellist Ricard
Pichot 1920

Galatea of the Spheres 1952
Surrealist composition with invisible figures (c. 1936)