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NGV International

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Open 10am–5pm daily

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2024年墨尔本冬季大师杰作展(Melbourne Winter Masterpieces®

The NGV has partnered with the British Museum to present Pharaoh, a landmark exhibition that celebrates three thousand years of ancient Egyptian art and culture. Through more than 500 objects, including monumental sculpture, architecture, temple statuary, exquisite jewellery, papyri, coffins and a rich array of funerary objects, the exhibition unpacks the phenomenon of pharaoh, those all-powerful kings claiming a divine origin.


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The exhibition is divided into two parts, spanning the entirety of NGV’s Ground Level. This map will assist you in navigating to the exhibition entrances once you arrive at the gallery.


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3000 YEARS OF HISTORY3000年的悠久历史

Exhibition overview


Inspire your students and uncover the eternal lives of the pharaohs with a self-guided or NGV educator-led excursion. Explore our range of programs, events and learning resources.自主参观展览或参与由NGV教育工作者主导的参观活动,启发您的学生,揭开法老永生的奥秘。探索我们的一系列项目、活动和学习资源。

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Works in this exhibition are protected under the Australian Government's Protection of Cultural Objects on Loan Scheme. Find out more