Contemporary Design & Architecture

Design in its varied dimensions is powered by creativity. Enriching culture and society, design allows us to express, question, propose and test ideas about life and the world.

The scope for design expands and accelerates every day. Design thinking intersects with disciplines including economics, health, science, ecology and technology.

Through research and active engagement with the local and international design industry the Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture embraces an important role to collect, examine and present the most interesting trajectories of design and architecture today.

Members of the Contemporary Design and Architecture department are ambassadors for the work of designers and architects across the allied fields of design.

Collecting Profile

The Department’s focus areas encompass the allied fields of contemporary design and architecture since the 1980s with responsibility to strategically collect and exhibit important examples of international and Australian industrial and product design, architecture and landscape design, international and Australian jewellery, graphic and multimedia design. The collection encompasses a diverse range of Australian and global design practice from the 1980s to the present.

The NGV Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture is generously supported by The Hugh D. T. Williamson Foundation.

Our Team

Ewan McEoin
The Hugh D.T. Williamson Senior Curator, Contemporary Design and Architecture

Simone LeAmon
The Hugh D.T. Williamson Curator, Contemporary Design and Architecture