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Jug (black-on-red II ware)
Iron Age, Cypro-Geometric III – Cypro-Arachiac I 900 BCE-600 BCE

23.0 × 14.0 × 12.2 cm
Place/s of Execution
Rizokarpaso, Cyprus
Accession Number
Credit Line
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Felton Bequest, 1968
Gallery location
Not on display
Physical description
Medium sized wheel made jug with single basket handle attached at the rim and looping over the top of the vessel. The handle runs parallel with the spout which emerges from the shoulder of the jug. Half the spout is broken. The body is oval shapped; tapering into the neck and to the base which is flat. The red/brown slip has a lustrous surface on which geometric designs, bands and a row of circles have been painted in matt black. The handle is also decorated with lines rising to meet two circles located at the centre of the handle.