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Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett


Themes and Artworks



Ideas and Influences – early work
The coming of the light 1987
Untitled 1989


Exploring identity – Self portraits
Self portrait (But I always wanted to be one of the good guys) 1990
Self portrait (Ancestor figures) 1992
Self portrait: Interior/Exterior 1992


Signs and Strategies
Outsider 1988
Triptych: Requiem, Of grandeur, Empire 1989
Interior (Abstract Eye) 1991
Altered body print (Shadow figure howling at the moon) 1994


Borrowed images and styles
Possession Island 1991
Home décor (Algebra) Ocean 1998
Notes to Basquiat (Jackson Pollock and his other) 2001


Art practice and industry issues
Still from Performance with object for the expiation of guilt (Violence and grief remix) 1996
John Citizen Unassailable heroes (Sweet Damper) Famous since Captain Cook 1996
Notes to Basquiat (The coming of the light) 2001
John Citizen Interior (Tribal rug) 2007
Number Nine 2005


Exhibition Response