Think with Thoth Creative Practice: David Shrigley Meet the Maker | Ashley Eriksmoen Big Ideas in Contemporary Art and Design NGV Triennial 2023 | Exhibition Fact Sheet Reflection model (Itsukushima) | Exhibition Fact Sheet Creative Practice: Globe International Pierre Bonnard: Designed by India Mahdavi | Notes for Educators Creative Practice: Great Wrap Melbourne Now | Exhibition Fact Sheet Creative Practice: Kelly Koumalatsos Creative Practice: Mia Boe Digital Creatives: Breakfast With Bonnard Level 4-8 Creative Practice: Troy Emery VCE Creative Practice: Gracia and Louise Digital Creatives: Exquisite Corpse Levels 4-8 Accessible Learning with Venkat Raman Singh Shyam China – The Past Is Present | Exhibition Factsheet Accessible Learning with Art Foundation & Primary Digital creatives: Egyptian Enigma Levels 4-8 Rigg Design Prize 2022 VCE Visual Communication Design Creative Practice: Ashley Gilbertson VCE Studio Arts 2022, VCE Art Making and Exhibiting 2023 Who Are You | Exhibition Factsheet VCE Art & Studio Arts The Picasso Century | Great Art Ideas Levels 3-6 Who Are You | Australian Portraiture All Levels Creative Calligrammes Levels 3-6 Cubist Collage Levels 3-6 Automatic apparitions Levels 3-6 Print my Portrait Levels 3-6 QUEER: Stories from the NGV Collection VCE Art Bark Ladies: Eleven artists from Yirrkala Levels 3-8 Tints and shades Tone | Levels 3-6 Impressions and reflections Colour | Levels 3-6 We Change the World PASS Project Get handy with form Form | Levels P-3 Tonally awesome Tone | Levels 3-6 Tactile textures Texture | Levels 3-6 Mandarin: Great art ideas Levels P-6 Colony to Nation: Federation (Adaptation for EAL) Levels 5-6 Camille Henrot: Exhibition fact sheet VCE Colony to Nation: Changes to Australia’s Environment (Adaptation for EAL) Levels 5-6 Possum skin cloaks with Maree Clarke Levels 3-6 Maree Clarke: Ancestral Memories Levels 5-8 Meet First Nations artist Cassie Leatham Levels 3-6 Introduction to French Impressionism Levels 5-10 Digital creatives: Monet, sunrise to sunset Levels 4-8 French Impressionism: Exhibition fact sheet VCE Studio arts French Impressionism Levels 7-12 We Change the World: Young voices on change All Levels Celebrating the Everyday Levels 3-6 We Change the World Levels 5-8 Colony to Nation: First Contact (Adaptation for EAL) Levels 5-6 (EAL Pathway B Levels B1 and B2) Beautiful Planet Levels 3-6 Colony to Nation: Immigration (Adaptation for EAL) Levels 5-6 (EAL Pathway B Levels B1 and B2) Australian Impressionism Levels 5-10 Allegory, parody and appropriation with Tiepolo’s The banquet of Cleopatra Levels 9-10 Big Weather Levels 5-8 NGV Triennial 2020: Cut, paste, compose Levels 5-10 NGV Triennial 2020: Exhibition fact sheet VCE This extraordinary environment Auslan video: Small victories trophy NGV Triennial 2020: Small victories trophy Levels 5-10 NGV Triennial 2020: Secondary card kit Levels 7-10 NGV Triennial 2020: Primary card kit Levels 3-6 Digital creatives: Sea life Levels 4-8 Nifty Nōtan Colour and Shape | Levels 3-6 Bad hair day Line | Levels 3-6 Cubist construction Colour and shape | Levels 3-6 Chinese Ceramics Throughout History Levels 8-10 Introduction to ukiyo-e and kabuki Levels 5-8 Frozen winter landscapes Levels 1-5 The art of storytelling inspired by Laing’s groundspeed (red piazza) #2 Levels 7-9 Frottage forests Texture | Levels 3-6 Leaping lines Line | Levels 3-6 Writing about war inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman, 1937 Levels 9-10 Education and myth in ancient Greece Level 7 Life and power in ancient Rome Level 7 Investigating ancient Egypt Level 7 Short-form poetry with Kim Hoa Tram’s Pine with cranes dancing in the snow, dance in motion, 2000 Levels 6-9 Creative writing and effective interviewing inspired by William Quiller Orchardson’s The First Cloud, 1887 Levels 9-10 Japanese Modernism: Exhibition factsheet VCE Exhibiting Artworks at the NGV VCE Art Making and Exhibiting Colony to Nation Levels 5-6 Art and History: Colony to Nation Federation Levels 5-6 Colony to Nation Changes to Australia’s Environment Levels 5-6 Colony to Nation Immigration Levels 5-6 Colony to Nation First Contact Levels 5-6 Graphic portraits Levels 6-10 Everyday moments Levels 7-10 Accessory design Levels 7-10 Japanese vocabulary skills with Noh Theatre costumes and characters Levels 8-10 Descriptive writing inspired by John Brack’s Collins St, 5p.m. Levels 7-8 Analysing Historical Sources from the Women’s Suffrage Movement Level 7 Creativity at Home Composite creatures Level 2-4 Figurative flora print Levels 5-8 End of school day, 3p.m. Levels 3-6 Poster design for change Level 7-10 The Australian landscape Levels 2-6 Destiny Deacon Level 7-12 KAWS All Levels Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat Levels 7–12 Art Start Collection Stories Olympia: Photographs by Polixeni Papapetrou Levels 7-12 Suburban collages Levels 5-8 Obscured figures Level 5–6 Pop art portraits Levels 1-4 Emotions in art Levels P-3 Expressive skies Levels 4-6 Magical masks Level 1-4 Dramatic animal painting Levels 3-6 Tissue collage Levels 2–6 Make your mark Levels 5–6 Abstraction action Levels 1–3 Decorative blue and white porcelain paintings Levels 3–4 Designers and builders Level 4–6 Draw like an Egyptian Level 4–6 Distorted cities Levels 4–6 Digital Creatives: Keith Haring’s Digital Dance Club Levels 5-12 Decorative pots Level 3-6 Digital Creatives: Exploding Coding Levels 3-8 Alexander Calder Levels 5–10 Terracotta Warriors & Cai Guo-Qiang All Levels Digital Creatives: Tessellate by code Year 5 - 10 Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds – Teacher Resource All Levels Discover MoMA Level 5–10 Discover MoMA Level P–4 Discover MoMA: Art Industry Contexts VCE Art & Studio Arts Digital Creatives: Creative Control Colony Level 3 & 4 and Level 5 & 6 Bern Emmerichs: A is for Australia Levels 5-6 Meet the Artists & Designers: NGV Triennial 2017 Level 5-12 Hour of Code 2017: Van Gogh Year 3 to Year 8 Hokusai Year 5 to Year 12 Van Gogh and the Seasons – French Language Learning Resources Van Gogh and the Seasons Year 5 to Year 12 VCE Literature: Literary Perspectives Levels 10-12 Creative Educators: Block Printing with handmadelife – eBook Resource Year 7–12 Creative Responses to Love: Art of Emotion 1400–1800 John Olsen: The You Beaut Country – Educational eBook Resource Foundation to Year 10 Hour of Code 2016: Put your smile on your dial Year 3 to Year 6 Hermansburg Potters: Indigenous Art, Football and Community Education Resource Foundation to Year 6 Behind the Scenes at the NGV VCE Studio Arts Unit 4: Area of Study 3, Art Industry Contexts and AusVELS: The Arts, Years 9 and 10 The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier VCE Melbourne Activities Landscape and Environment Activities Identity Activities Art Activities – Explore the NGV Art Activities – Explore Art Bridget Riley Pablo Picasso Kim Hoa Tram August Friedrich Schenck Howard Hodgkin Grace Cossington Smith Max Dupain Ron Mueck Patricia Piccinini Egyptian Albrecht Dürer Andy Warhol Donald Judd Frank O. Gehry Giambattista Tiepolo Art Start: Image Bank John Brack Mount Kosciusko Weatherboard Creek Falls Background Language Resource for students of Japanese Foundation - Year 6 Monet’s Garden Prep to Year 6 Eugene von Guérard Prep–Year 12 Howard Arkley John Brack Gordon Bennett Art Deco Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules Remembering Barak Rosalie Gascoigne Gallery Ark Salvador Dali Asian Art Resource Prep to Year 10

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