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Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds

2 DEC 2018 – 7 APR 2019


The exhibition is the first major Australian exhibition to feature the extraordinary art of Dutch artist M. C. Escher, and presents the artist’s work in dialogue with the work of acclaimed Japanese design studio nendo.

Celebrated as a master of optical illusion, Escher created some of the most iconic images of the twentieth century. The exhibition features 160 prints and drawings drawn from the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, which houses the world’s largest collection of Escher’s work, and covers the full span of his career, from 1916 through to his final work produced in 1969.

As one of the leading design studios in the world, nendo draw upon their unique design approach to manipulate geometry, space and perception to create an immersive exhibition experience inspired by M. C. Escher.

This exhibition has timed-entry tickets to ensure the best experience for all visitors. Large school groups may need to be split over different entry times.


Book your self-guided school visit to receive a complimentary ticket for one teacher per fifteen students, and to receive important information about visiting the exhibition with your students.
Cost $10 per student (primary and secondary students),
$24.50 (tertiary students and additional teachers)



Mon–Fri, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm & 2pm
Please allow time for self-guided visits following these programs

Escher X nendo for Primary Students
Levels 2–6

Discover the magical world of M. C. Escher in this introduction to the exhibition, which explores shape and space, pattern, symmetry, tessellation and metamorphosis. The introduction also looks at stories of travel and wonder, with additional activities to challenge and engage!
Cost $ 15 per student (45 mins)

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Escher X nendo for Secondary Students
Levels 7–12

Explore the life and work of M. C. Escher and the exhibition design of Japanese design studio nendo in this interactive talk that includes maths, psychology and visual analysis along with exploration of Escher’s ideas, materials and techniques.
Cost $15 per student (45 mins)

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M. C. Escher for Psychology Students
VCE Pyschology, Unit 2, Outcome 1 – Visual Perception

M. C. Escher’s famous images explore transformation, space, depth, pattern and illusion. Learn about Escher’s life and work. Investigate how this amazing artist used his knowledge of visual perception, including gestalt theory, depth cues, perceptual set and tricks of the eye.
Cost $15 per student (45 mins)

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Escher X nendo – A World of Design
Visual Communication and Design

A design-focused introduction to the exhibition. Examine Escher’s interests and influences, analyse the artist’s use of design elements and principles, as well as materials and techniques. Students will also learn about the development of nendo’s innovative exhibition design, from concept to realisation, and discuss the synergies that unite the work of Escher and nendo.
Cost $15 per student (45 mins)

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Extended Programs for Students

In the Studio: Mirror Worlds
Levels 2–4

This workshop for younger students explores symmetry, reflection, and positive and negative space to help you make a striking design in black and white. Includes an introduction to the exhibition and self-guided exhibition viewing.
Cost $25 per student (3 hours)

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In the Studio: Titans of Tessellation
Levels 5–12

Using mathematical thinking, artistic skill and imagination, create your own fantastic translation or rotation tessellation design. Includes an introduction to the exhibition and self-guided exhibition viewing.
Cost $25 per student (3 hours)

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Escher X nendo - Art Industry Contexts
VCE Studio Arts

Thu 7 Mar, 9.30am – 2.15pm

Get a head start for VCE Studio Arts Unit 4. The program includes an introduction and exhibition viewing, followed by behind the scenes insights into the development and presentation of a major exhibition with talks by Cathy Leahy, Senior Curator, Prints and Drawings, Ruth Shervington, Senior Conservator of Paper, Nick Bennett, Senior Campaign Manager, Marketing and Jessica Brent, Exhibition Designer.

Cost $25 per student

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Supported by Principal Partner, Telstra

Digital X Design
Levels 5–10

This full day program takes students from inspiration to ideation and iteration. The day begins with an introduction to Escher X nendo and a self-guided exhibition viewing followed by a digital design workshop inspired by nendo studio in which students develop their own 2D and 3D iterations of motifs inspired by the amazing art of M. C. Escher.
Cost $30 per student, maximum 25 students (4 hours)

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Tessellate By Code
Levels 5–10

Using mathematical thinking and skill, combined with some simple coding, create your own translation tessellation design inspired by nendo. This workshop introduces students to block coding in Scratch and includes an introduction to the exhibition and self-guided exhibition viewing.
Cost $25 per student, maximum 25 students (3 hours)

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Introducing Escher X nendo
All levels

Participate in one of our introductory talks for students from your own classroom via videoconference or live streaming. This lively, interactive introduction to Escher X nendo is tailored to the interest and level of your group.
Cost $110 (45 mins)

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NGV Moments: Escher X nendo
All levels

NGV Moments is a free online program providing teachers and students with the opportunity to see an exhibition before the NGV opens to the public, from the classroom. Take a virtual walk through the exhibition with an NGV Educator, see selected highlights and ask questions in this live event.
Cost Free (20mins)

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