Kaws: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness Online

All levels

Explore and discuss KAWS’s creative practice and unique visual language from your own classroom via video conference. This program includes an illustrated introduction to KAWS and discussion of key themes and works in the exhibition. How does KAWS’s work straddle the worlds of art and design? What role does humour and emotion play in the artist’s work? How does it connect with contemporary audiences?
45 mins
Cost: Free

Learning Objectives

  • Analyse and interpret themes, concepts and ideas in KAWS’s work and discuss how he expresses them.
  • Identify and explain important influences on KAWS’s choices in art making.
  • Discuss how KAWS uses materials, techniques, technologies and processes to realise his intentions in his artworks.
  • Identify and connect specific features of KAWS’s work to a wider social and commercial context.

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