Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines Online

Levels 7-12

Discover how two visionary artists and friends emerged from the subways and clubs of downtown New York intro the bright lights of international stardom. Investigate their sources of inspiration and understand the processes behind their unique visual worlds. This program includes a 45-minute illustrated introduction to the exhibition with an NGV educator via video conference.
45 mins
Cost: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyse and interpret themes, concepts and ideas in Haring and Basquiat’s work and discuss how they are expressed.
  • Identify and discuss important influences on Haring and Basquiat’s personal style and choices in art making.
  • Discuss how Haring and Basquiat use materials, techniques, technologies and processes to realise their intentions in their artworks.
  • Identify and connect specific features of Haring and Basquiat’s work to a wider historical, cultural and social context.
  • Compare and contrast the work of Haring and Basquiat and explore the parallels in their lives.

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