Top Arts 2020 Online

Level 10, VCE

Talking Top Arts. This illustrated presentation introduces selected works from the exhibition and explores key curriculum knowledge and skills via video conference. Discover the sources of inspiration behind works in the exhibition and learn about how the exhibiting artists developed, refined and resolved their concepts, and used art materials, techniques and processes to realise their ideas.
45 mins
Cost: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyse and interpret themes, concepts and ideas in the work of students who have achieved outstanding results in VCE Art and Studio Arts.
  • Examine how exhibiting artists explored, developed and refined their topic.
  • Analyse and discuss sources of inspiration, materials and processes used by exhibitors and how these have been documented in folios.
  • Discuss the considerations and preparations made by the Gallery for Top Arts 2020 including exhibition design, artwork conservation and the curatorial process.

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