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Picasso Timeline

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1881 25 October: birth of Pablo Ruiz Picasso in Málaga, son of a painter and art teacher
1895 Family moves to Barcelona: Picasso attends advanced classes at School of Fine Arts
1899 Frequents the bohemian artists' café Els Quatre Gats
1901-04 Picasso's Blue period. Moves between Barcelona and Paris. Lives in poverty at the 'Bateau Lavoir' in Paris. Paints The Blindman's Meal
1904 Beginning of Picasso's Rose period. Meets Fermande Olivier, his mistress for the next seven years
1906 Meets Matisse. Death of Cézanne
1907 Paints Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Sees African sculptures at the Trocadéro museum. Meets Georges Braque
1908 Picasso and Braque 'invent' Cubism
1910 Analytic Cubism
1911 Eva Gouel becomes Picasso's mistress
1912 Picasso's first collage. Transition to Synthetic Cubism
1914-18 First world war
Death of Eva Gouel
1915 Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity
1916 Beginning of Dada movement
1917 Leaves for Rome to work with the Ballets Russes
1918 Marries Olga Koklova
1921 Birth of son Paulo. Figures in paintings become more classical and monumental
1924 Surrealist Movement founded by André Breton
1927 Meets seventeen year old Marie-Thérèse Walter; they become lovers six months later
1929 Salvador Dali visits Picasso
1932 Marie-Thérèse Walter becomes a frequent model for Picasso
1933 First issue of the Surrealist magazine Minotaur for which Picasso designs the cover
1935 A time of anxiety in Picasso's life during which he stops painting and writes poetry. Olga and Paulo move into Hotel California. Marie-Thérèse gives birth to Maya
1936 Meets Dora Maar in the company of Surrealists including Paul Eluard and Man Ray. Beginning of intense personal and professional relationship
Outbreak of Spanish Civil War
The Popular Front sweep to power in France
Picasso appointed honorary director of the Prado
1937 26 April: German planes bombard the Basque town of Guernica.
Picasso begins sketches for Guernica on May 1.
Paints the NGV's Weeping Woman, one of a number of postscripts to Guernica
Hitler declares Picasso's art 'degenerate'
Guernica displayed at Spanish Pavilion in World Fair, Paris
1939 Germany invades Poland.
Beginning of Second World War.
Dora Maar and Picasso rent an apartment in Antibes from Man Ray
1940 Germans occupy Paris
'Angry Penguins' founded by Max Harris
1943 Picasso meets Francoise Gilot, later his mistress
1944 Liberation of Paris. Picasso joins the Communist Party.
1945 End of Second World War
1946 Visits Matisse in France. Lives with Francoise Gilot
1947 Birth of Francoise's first child, Claude. Paints ceramics in Vallauris
1949 Birth of Paloma, daughter of Francoise and Picasso
1950 Receives Lenin Peace Prize
1953 Francoise leaves Picasso. He meets Jacqueline Roque
1955 Buys villa 'La Californie' overlooking Cannes. Lives there with Jacqueline
1959 - 60 Continues to experiment, working with lino cuts and designing large sheet-metal sculpture
1961 Marries Jacqueline Roque
1963-73 Picasso confronts death in paintings from his final decade
1973 Death of Pablo Picasso - 8th April
1997 Death of Dora Maar



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