Slawa Duldig in her sitting room, Vienna, early 1930's
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Thu 22 Mar 18, 6.30pm–8.30pm

The Good Room: Viennese Designers in Australia
Presented by Duldig Studio

Duldig Studio

During the postwar period the modern family home assumed a special place for Australians. Planning for modernity became key activities for budding home-makers. In 1945 “The Australian Home Beautiful”, published a series of articles entitled “Joanna Plans A home” which was a frank and exploratory dialogue between an Australian housewife and a Viennese émigré designer. 

Through the eyes of Joanna, Harriet Edquist, Professor of Architectural History at RMIT, examines the influence of Viennese émigré designers in Australia, to expose a more complex picture of the impact of émigré and refugee Viennese designers and architects on modern Australian design practice. 

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