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NGV Triennial — Connect and Share

How has the NGV Triennial inspired your students? Teachers are invited to share their students’ written or creative responses to the NGV Triennial. Each month our educators and curators will select a number of responses to feature online here, and on our NGV Education Twitter page.

To send a response, please download and complete the Connect and Share interactive submission form PDF for each entry and email it, along with a digital copy of the work to:

Please make sure to adhere to your school’s image sharing policies. This program is for digital submissions of work only.

Need some ideas to get started? Read through some of the suggestions below:

What's Your Angle?

1. Create your own digital work of art inspired by work(s) you have seen in the exhibition.

  • Start by photographing your chosen work(s) from unusual angles, then zoom in and take close-up shots of small sections of the work.
  • Now, using Photoshop or a similar program, manipulate your photographs to create your own composition – you may consider repeating images or dramatically changing their colour or scale to create your composition.

2. Create an original drawing, painting or collage inspired by the exhibition or a particular work.

Tantalising Titles

Create a provocative, amusing or ingenious title for a work in the exhibition that catches your eye or intrigues you.

  • Look closely at everything you can see in the work of art. What’s going on here?
  • Is the artist communicating a meaning or message that they would like us to think about? If so, what might it be? How might it be important to our own lives?
  • Discuss and share your ideas with friends.
  • Now create an imaginative title that encapsulates the key idea(s) or mood the artist may be conjuring.

Writers Challenge

Choose one of the writing challenges below and send it to us:

1. Soap Box

  • Describe your personal experience as you explored the exhibition in 500 words or less.
    The following prompts may help to structure your response:
    What did you see?  Describe what you heard or smelt? What emotions did you experience?  What did you learn? What did the exhibition make you think about which you hadn’t considered before?  What did you particularly enjoy? Make sure you use as much rich, descriptive language as possible as this will help ‘paint’ a vivid picture in the reader’s mind.

2. Collaborative Poem

  • Choose a work in the exhibition that inspired you. Discuss it with your friends and ask them the following question:
    What does this work make you think about or remind you of?
  • Collect their ideas and create a group poem like the example below:

Gyro, table 2016:
Freckled flower
Solar system
Anatomy of the eye
Starry Night
Milky Way

Magic pool
Micro and macro
Deep space

Brodie Neill
Gyro, table 2016
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists and supported by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific 2017
© Brodie Neill

Art Expert

Write a review of the exhibition in 400 words or less and remember to create an eye catching title.
Before you begin, read three reviews of The Triennial, below, which may inform and inspire your writing: