VELS levels 4 and 5 , VCE Studio Arts: Unit 4, Area of Study 3: Art Industry Contexts

This education resource accompanies the exhibition Imagining the Orient: A touring exhibition from the National Gallery of Victoria (2010). Imagining the Orient presents significant paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and decorative arts from our international and Australian collections. The exhibition explores the ways in which artists experienced and imagined the Orient in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The unfamiliar world of the Middle East and North Africa inspired great curiosity and had a far-reaching influence on Western art and culture. For Australians, the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 changed things as it meant that a voyage to or from Europe now offered the possibility of access to Egypt and various parts of the Orient. People, Place and Pattern has been developed for students across levels 4 and 5 with a focus on English, History and Thinking Processes. The nine postcards are designed to be shared by students in small groups as they explore and respond to the works of art in the exhibition, Imagining the Orient.

The VCE resource is designed for VCE Studio Arts: Unit 4, Area of Study 3: Art Industry Contexts and can be used for individual study and research in the exhibition, to assist students and teachers with pre-visit preparation, and to expand on post-visit activities.