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Un paseo por el arte

Spanish Education Resource

NGV International contains a remarkable collection of artworks from painting, sculpture and decorative arts to photography, fashion and textiles, and contemporary design. This collection provides a stimulating environment for students and teachers of Spanish. Works by Spanish and Latin American artists and works created by other artists in or inspired by Spain and Latin America have been selected for Spanish language practice but also as a reflection of Hispanic culture. This resource allows students to experience the rich heritage of Spanish art and to realise its potential as a portal to illuminating and appreciating Spanish history and culture. It is designed to complement a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria to experience first-hand iconic works linked to Spanish culture.

Suitable For

VELS –The Arts
VELS – The Humanities level 5
Thinking Processes Levels 4-6
VELS-LOTE (Spanish) Levels 1-6 (student)