NGV Women’s Association

NGV Women's Association Garden Day

Thu 25 Oct 2018

For over 3 decades, the NGVWA Annual Garden Day provides visitors with the rare opportunity to visit some of the finest private gardens in Melbourne. This sellout day includes our well known produce stalls filled with a fabulous selection of homemade preserves, cakes, seasonal flowers and fresh produce.

All proceeds from the day contribute to art acquisitions for the NGV.

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The NGV Women’s Association Garden Day 2018 was held in Toorak on Thursday 25 October.

The NGV Women’s Association is extremely grateful to the garden owners for their selfless generosity in offering their superb gardens to the public to visit, learn from and admire, and also to the Event Partners, Supporters, Members and Volunteers who gave their support for this event.

The Garden Day raffle was drawn at NGV, 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne at 12pm on Friday 26 October 2018 (Permit 10494/18). We would like to congratulate the following raffle winners:

  1. Laura Kininmonth
  2. Patricia Dabbs
  3. Karen Salter
  4. Jennifer Moscatelli
  5. Maureen Collins
  6. Diana Osborne
  7. Julie Chiffey
  8. Maggie Nanut
  9. Angela Forte
  10. June Anton
  11. Angie Perry
  12. Nicky Pitkanen
  13. Brenda Geddes
  14. Dimitra Ardonis
  15. Sarah Kennedy
  16. Katherine Morris
  17. Kaye Smith
  18. Alison Banay
  19. Margaret Findlay
  20. Libby Callinan

All proceeds from this event support the NGV Women’s Association’s continued fundraising for the acquisition of art at the NGV.

NGV would like to thank everyone who contributed to the NGV Women’s Association Garden Day and the organisations who supported the raffle.