Free stop-motion animation app

Welcome to Tromaramix!
A bit like magic, young movie makers learn how to make things move, multiply and disappear when they use this very simple-to-use app. Features include step-by-step instructions for beginners and soundtracks to add to video clips.
Download the free app, grab some toys from around the house and let the magic begin!

Tromaramix: Highlights
About Tromarama

Tromarama, is an art collective comprising three artist friends, formed in 2006 in Bandung, Indonesia. Graduates from the Institute Technology of Bandung, Tromarama often use ready-made objects from daily life as tools to tell stories and express their ideas. Most of their works are based on video animation, sound and installation.

Past Exhibition: Open House | Tromarama for Kids

Open House: Tromarama for Kids was generously supported by The Dewhurst Family. The NGV Kids program is supported by the Truby & Florence Williams Charitable Trust, managed by Equity Trustees.