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Exiles and Emigrants
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The exhibition Exiles and Emigrants: Epic Journeys to Australia in the Victorian Era at the National Gallery of Victoria is the basis for this online education resource.

The resource is designed for teachers and students across both primary and secondary school to enable students to learn about and consider the emigration experience during the 19th century and today.

The resource covers three key themes, leaving home, the journey and the new land, each with images, text and questions. For Educators contains an overview of the exhibition, a chart showing the links across the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, preliminary discussion for levels 4 and 5 and the extension program for levels 4 and 5.


Edwin Hayes
England 1891–1904
lived in Ireland 1833–
An emigrant ship, Dublin Bay, sunset 1883
oil on canvas
58.0 x 86.0 cm
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

This Education Resource was prepared by Marg Stephens, Education Officer and Robyn Krause-Hale, Senior Education Officer, Education School Programs, National Gallery of Victoria.





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