Branach <em>Fall Control System </em>designed 2015–19; aluminum 6060, polyethylene, nylon, XF400 steel, zinc. Courtesy of Branach<br/>
© Branach PTY. Photo: Janet Walsh


(est. 1990, Melbourne)

Branach originated in the Boronia garage of engineering brothers Mike and John Walsh in 1990 and has evolved to become an industry leader in height safety ladders and equipment. Branach’s multi-award-winning designs set safety benchmarks around the world while remaining Australian-owned, designed and manufactured.

The PowerMaster Extension Ladder, designed in 1991 and updated in 1995, was one of Branach’s first products. Prioritising safety and strength, the ladder features a unique strongbox construction, creating rigidity that reduces twist and sway, and a swivel foot that maximises grip on uneven ground. Manufactured with a combination of fibreglass resin, alloy, thermoplastic polyurethane and mild steel, the ladder remains lightweight, easy to deploy and all-weather resistant. In 2015, Branach added the Fall Control System to the design, which they further updated in 2019, a user-driven innovation to ensure safety while ascending and descending or in the event of an accidental fall, slip or medical issue. With an increased support base, the ladder is secured with an integrated tether system, which allows users to comfortably work at height with both hands.

Branach also developed the Terrain Master. Launched in 2013 and updated in 2017, this groundbreaking engineering solution was designed to reduce incidents of ladders falling sideways or slipping out from beneath the user. The device removes the need for ground levelling and dangerous chocking by providing an adjustable base up to three times larger than the ladder’s feet. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminium, it can be adjusted to accommodate different users and ground conditions, and can be retrofitted to all ladders.

Today Branach’s products are sold worldwide, and it has an expanded engineering and design team with offices in Denmark and Romania. Branach won the Endeavour Safety Solution Award in 2014 and has been a finalist for the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards, the Good Design Awards Australia and the Work-safe Victoria Health and Safety Awards.