Fungi Solutions <em>Funghi solutions</em> 2022; Australian reishi mushroom culture. Courtesy of Fungi Solutions<br/>
© Fungi Solutions. Photo: Emily Medbury

Fungi Solutions

Fungi Solutions
(est. 2020, Melbourne)

Fungi Solutions, founded by Amanda Morgan and Camden Cooke, is an innovative social enterprise that produces custom bio-regenerative packaging solutions. Harnessing the adaptive capabilities of fungi, the company recycles organic waste usually sent to landfill, which they repurpose to produce clean and circular myco-materials that support healthy ecosystems while reducing reliance on harmful petrochemicals and sequestering carbon.

Fungi Solutions’ Mycelium Product Boxes, first designed in 2020 and updated in 2022, use Hemp Hurd a by-product of industrial hemp and mycelium to create a composite material that is lightweight, durable and can be grown in seven days. This packaging protects small bottles during transport, insulates and, after use, can be composted. Breaking down in only twelve weeks this eco-friendly packaging enriches soil nutrients and improves the soil microbiome.

Fungi Solutions is Australia’s first commercially available myco-material manufacturer. Morgan, Cooke and Fungi Solutions creative director Emily Medbury develop their products through close consultation with local councils, businesses and communities. In 2021 they won Red Hat Impact, Melbourne Climate Future and People’s Choice awards at the Early Ethical Enterprise Awards, were named One to Watch in the Circle Awards, Australia and New Zealand, and received a grant from the Awesome Foundation, United States. Fungi Solutions aim to eventually create a network of myco-cycling facilities across Australia, eliminating the need to ship waste or create new landfill sites, and helping to establish a more sustainable and circular economy.