Great Wrap and Bayly Group <em>Great Mate and Nudie Roll </em>designed 2019–22; potato waste, compostable bio-polymer compound, polyethylene terephthalate. Courtesy of Great Wrap and Bayly Group<br/>
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Great Wrap and Bayly Group

Great Wrap
(est. 2019, Melbourne)
Bayly Group
(est. 1971, Melbourne)

Founded by couple Jordy and Julia Kay, a former winemaker and architect respectively, Great Wrap makes the world’s first compostable stretch wrap made from food waste. The company has brought together a team of bio-designers, engineers and scientists to help reduce the 150,000 tonnes of plastic wrap sent to Australian landfill each year and reduce Australians’ reliance on petroleum-based plastics.

Great Wrap’s Nudie Rolls, first designed in 2019 and updated in 2022, are spools of compostable stretch wrap derived from potato waste. Manufactured locally in a solar-powered factory, the wrap is currently made from a blend of compostable biopolymers called PHAs. Some of these still need to be imported, but the team are currently working towards the commissioning of a local PHA biorefinery, where food waste will be converted into marine-degradable biopolymer films. PHAs are part of a family of biopolymers, created by microorganisms as a form of energy storage, mostly made from carbon-based feedstock. Once extracted, they act like a conventional plastic but can be home composted, breaking down in 180 days and leaving zero microplastics behind.

Nudie Rolls are dispensed from the Great Mate, a refillable vessel designed in 2021. The tactile, colourful object is intended to live in the kitchen, providing a fun and attractive solution to dispensing stretch wrap. After Julia developed the concept, Great Wrap worked with industrial designers at the Bayly Group in Melbourne to design a repeatable, modular and easily refillable dispenser with a replaceable cutter mechanism to ensure a lifetime of use. Manufactured from thirty-three recycled PET bottles, the dispenser is locally produced to ensure a low carbon footprint.

Since launching in 2019, Great Wrap quickly expanded to establish manufacturing facilities on the Mornington Peninsula and in Tullamarine. In 2022 Great Wrap won a Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Award in the Australian Financial Review’s Sustainability Leaders list, and co-founder Julia Kay was named the Young Victorian of the Year. The impact-driven and demand-fuelled company has a ten-year vision for a world where plastic doesn’t exist.

Bayly Group is a full-service product design and product engineering consultancy founded in Melbourne in 1971 by Peter Bayly. Australia’s oldest family–owned and operated product design consultancy, Bayly Group is now owned by a second-generation member of the Bayly family, engineer and industrial designer Mark Bayly, who joined in 1994. The consultancy has designed products for iconic Australian manufacturers such as Hoover, Westinghouse, Wiltshire and Mistral, and has won numerous awards

Great Wrap

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