Installation view of Kiron Robinson’s <em>If you want my mind, you can take my pain as well</em> 2022 on display as part of the <em.Melbourne Now</em> exhibition at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Melbourne from 24 March – 20 August 2023.     Image: Sean Fennessy

Kiron Robinson

Kiron Robinson
(b. 1975, Bangladesh, moved to Australia 1983. Lives and works in Naarm/Melbourne)

Kiron Robinson is a Naarm/Melbourne based artist whose work circulates around the ideas of doubt and belief and the co-dependent relationship between these two states. Central to his work is the notion of breaking through the surface, an idea he frequently tests through simulation, participation and re-seeing.

In addition to his works in Slippery Images, Robinson is also exhibiting If you want my mind, you can take my pain as well, 2019–, a multimedia work that builds on Robinson’s existing The Crawling Man Project. Led by the question, ‘Does being online get me closer to God?’, Robinson has created a 3D-modelled version of the artist crawling through a grey digital landscape. As Robinson explains, ‘[The man] is programmed to crawl for the length of my predicted life. Artificial intelligence predicts that I will live for 36 more years (from this one) and then I will die. I don’t think so AI. Two can play at that game.’

For Melbourne Now, Robinson brings the originally online-only work into the physical gallery space, transforming it to become a part-sculptural, part-interactive work. Inside The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, a collection of screens is placed across the floor. Accessing the work by QR code, visitors cumulatively become actors in Robinson’s digital universe, resulting in a durational artwork that collectively explores notions of the virtual and the real, the divine and the self.