Tontine Group <em>Eco Pillow</em> designed 2020; recycled polyester. Courtesy of Tontine Group<br/>
© John Cotton Group Ltd. Photo: Magenta Kwan

Tontine Group

Tontine Group
(est. 1956, Melbourne)

Pillow manufacturer Tontine has been in operation for over six decades. Manufacturing more than 90 per cent of its products locally, Tontine is today part of the John Cotton Group but remains a proud Australian manufacturer. The company produces more than four million pillows per year, which in turn supports local jobs and businesses.

Designed in 2020, Tontine’s Eco Pillow represents the company’s wider mission to become more sustainable. Both the cover and filling are made from recycled polyester, which has been manufactured in Campbellfield, Melbourne, in Tontine’s Global Recycled Standard–accredited factory. This standard certifies that the recycled polyester used in Tontine products has been fully traced all the way from waste collection stations, where plastic PET bottles start their journey towards becoming recycled polyester. More broadly, the company tries to eliminate plastic wherever possible, including packaging its products in reusable calico bags.

Tontine believes that products such as the Eco Pillow play an important role in building consumers’ environmental awareness and driving increased demand for sustainable purchases. The company has been a pioneer in using recycled polyester, estimating that in any given year its use of recycled materials for pillows and quilts stops the equivalent of 100 million plastic drink bottles from entering landfill and waterways. Each Eco Pillow’s packaging shows the approximate number of 600-millilitre PET bottles that have been recycled to produce the product.