Photographer: Tobias Titz

An Artful Forecast with Nate Byrne

Past program
Sun 7 Apr, 2pm–2.30pm

Free entry

NGV International

Exhibition space
Level 2

ABC weatherman Nate Byrne reflects on NGV Triennial artist Franziska Furter’s installation Liquid skies/Gyrwynt and Haku, along with historical paintings from the NGV Collection depicting weather scenes and seascapes, looking at their collective examination of weather together.

About the Speaker
Whatever the weather, Nate Byrne bounces onto our screens each morning on ABC News Breakfast to let the nation know what’s going on in the skies. Best of all, he’s not just reading some numbers – Nate is a Meteorologist, Oceanographer, Science Communicator and all-round self-described nerd. To him, weather is the great equaliser – it touches each and every person in some way every single day. Aussies are noted for their love of talking about the weather, and exploring the Highs and Lows (and droughts and cyclones) through art just makes sense to Nate. As our climate changes and throws us unprecedented challenges, he is always ready to explain the forecast and explore the future in an engaging and approachable way.

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