Atmosphere: A Future Design Experiment

Presented by Fresh Prince, Studio RJM and Collective Futures

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LAUNCH: Welcome to the Atmosphere, SAT 16 MAR, 5–7.30PM, booking required
EXHIBITION TIMES: SUN 17 MAR, 10AM–5PM, booking required

Flooding the base of Fairfield Amphitheatre with a milky lake of water, an ethereal floating structure emerges from a cloud of mist. Welcome to the Atmosphere.

Atmosphere is a 24-hour site-specific artwork and design experiment inspired by the culture, rituals and sensory dimensions of saunas. Following the launch event, the installation will be open for three hour-long immersive sessions over the course of the day. It is also open to the public at any other time during the day.

The work aims to investigate the importance of sauna culture in a modern context as an antidote to changing social and urban conditions and the exclusive ideas of contemporary “wellness”. The work gives rise to a conscious experience of room, place and space – delivering a lasting immersive experience. Through this, we will investigate how the design of public spaces can construct atmospheres that are conducive to both individual well-being and human connectedness.

A live experiment and architectural prototype, the work applies a human-centred design approach to the built environment, allowing visitors to contribute to social research that will inform potential scenarios for future communal spaces. Through emulating the spatial dynamics of a sauna and creating a tempered climate through an exploration of temperature, light, air and sound, the experiment will monitor visitor responses in order to investigate the relationship between atmosphere, individual experience, social engagement and well-being.

This program has been supported by Addition Studio, Mayde Tea and Studio Structure. 

Project Team
Artistic Director: Rachel Jayne Mackay
Architectural Design Director: Alice Nivison
Design & Build: Fresh Prince
Creative Direction: Studio RJM
PR, Marketing and Strategy: Johanna Leitch
Art Director & Stylist: Ella Murphy

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