Berlin: Raft in Residence
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Presented by Raft Studio

Raft Studio

To have a creative practice that consistently pursues a creative edge, you need to take the opportunity, time and headspace to innovate. Raft in Residence see’s Rafts entire studio retreat to Berlin to focus on their creativity, to seek new experiences, find inspiration and explore design in a different light.
In this short film followed by a Q&A, viewers will get an insight into the experiences of Raft Studio as they meet new people and see first-hand the cultural, historic and social forces that have shaped Berlin into the creative and cultural powerhouse the city has become.
The screening will be followed by small cocktail party hosted by Raft Studio until 9pm.

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Fri 16 Mar, 6.30pm (Past)

Fri 23 Mar, 6.30pm (Past)

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