Book Launch: Re-composing Fossil for Lost Rocks (2017–21) by Wendy Morrow

Sorry you missed this one!

In this book launch artist Wendy Morrow speaks with Justy Phillips from A Published Event. Wendy’s fictiōnella, Fossil  is the 18th book in a 40-book library of recomposed minerals drawn from a discarded geological specimen board – the heart of the Lost Rocks (2017–21) slow-publishing project. Wendy Morrow is a Hobart based dance artist working in the area of new dance. Her career spans across 35 years and includes performing with the Monte Carlo Ballet, The Scottish Ballet, The Sydney Dance Company and Danceworks. In Fossil, Wendy ‘exposes a dance practice of embodied experimental ideas and relationships’. Full of the smallest movements, Fossil is articulately delicate, extending its movings through a fine lineage of dance provocateurs into a brave new world of slowly slowly moving.

Justy Phillips , A Published Event
Wendy Morrow, Artist