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As part of our ethical responsibility as designers participating in the lives of others, we have been experimenting with practical modes of care – of looking out for each other and the people we work with.

We invite you to join Paper Giant and friends – Lina Patel, Leander Kreltszheim, Kirsty Moegerlein and Reuben Stanton – for a panel discussion about how we can build care structures into our everyday work. We will also reflect on how our mental and physical health and the working pressures of space, time and organisational priorities affect our own worlds and the worlds we create for others through our designing.

Reuben Stanton, Design Director and co-founder, Paper Giant
Lina Patel, Facilitator and Collaboration Designer
Leander Kreltszheim, Service Design Advisor, Mission Australia
Kirsty Moegerlein, Director, The Weekly Service

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