N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM and Sarah Lynn Rees <em>Gathering Space: Ngargee Djeembana</em> 2021; glass, ceramic, kangaroo leather, clay, myrtle beech (<em>Nothofagus cunninghamii</em>), silvertop ash (<em>Eucalyptus sieberi</em>), red ironbark (<em>Eucalyptus fibrosa</em>), river red gum (<em>Eucalyptus camaldulensis</em>), Victorian ash (<em>Eucalyptus delegatensis</em>), yellow stringybark (<em>Eucalyptus muelleriana</em>), narrow leaf peppermint gum (<em>Eucalyptus radiata</em>), silver wattle (<em>Acacia dealbata</em>), blackwood (<em>Acacia melanoxylon</em>), mountain ash (<em>Eucalyptus regnans</em>), shining gum (<em>Eucalyptus nitens</em>), manna gum (<em>Eucalyptus viminalis</em>), mountain grey gum (<em>Eucalyptus cypellocarpa</em>), southern blue gum (<em>Eucalyptus globulus</em>), southern mahogany (<em>Eucalyptus botryoides</em>), scoria, basalt, sandstone, quartzite. Purchased, Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists, 2022<br/>
© N'arweet Carolyn Briggs and Sarah Lynn Rees. Photo: Andrew Curtis
Past program

Shining a light on First Nations design, NGV Senior Curator Myles Russell-Cook speaks with Dr Russell Kennedy about First Nations knowledge systems in the context of design anthropology.


Dr Russell Kennedy is an academic and practitioner of both communication design and filmmaking (drama and documentary). He is the Academic Head of Screen and Design at Deakin University and the Co-Director of Design Mind, Deakin’s International Design and Innovation platform. Russell’s research is positioned within the fields of communication design, national identity design and design advocacy. His research has a particular focus on the representation of Indigenous culture in professional design practice. In 2015 he was awarded a PhD from Swinburne University with his thesis titled, ‘Designing with Indigenous Knowledge Protocols for Respectful and Authentic Cross-cultural Representation in Communication Design Practice’, leading to co-authorship of the award winning Australian and International Indigenous Design Charters.

Myles Russell-Cook is Senior Curator of Australian and First Nations Art the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Myles’s passion is for First Nations contemporary art. He has published extensively on art, design and fashion, and curated a number of exhibitions at the NGV. Myles derives much personal and professional influence and inspiration from his maternal Aboriginal heritage in Western Victoria with connections into Tasmania and the Bass Strait Islands.

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