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Under the influence of advancements in technology, heightened social and environmental turbulence, a revolution in media and a seismic recasting of business and commerce, design and the design industry is staring down the barrel of some monumental changes. What threats and opportunities do these changes represent in the present and future? The 2019 installment of AGDA’s Design Means Business event series Design Shift includes four industry professionals working in the vanguard of design, strategy, media, and social innovation, who present their view on the future of the design industry, before engaging the audience in a discussion on the impacts facing today’s design industry and how we can better prepare for and embrace the changes.

Vincent Lazzara, Bluetorch (AGDA National Board Director)

Giuseppe (Pino) Demaio, Founder Local Peoples
Pip Ireland, Creative Director, The Principals
Adam Morris, Founder and Chief Design Officer, Today
Mel Huang, Interactive Designer
Melis Sevona, Founder, Huddle