Masterclass #1: Curating for Future Audiences (and Challenging Established Conventions)

Presented by the NGV and RMIT University

What knowledge is required in today’s world to create unique and immersive experiences that fully engage our socially connected audiences? How do you create quiet collisions that challenge yet excite audiences?

This masterclass is the first in a series that explores new curatorial approaches, experience design and collaborative practices that successfully engage new audiences. The program is developed for emerging curators, experience designers, exhibition designers, event managers, the publishing industry and corporate professionals with audience-focused roles. Network all day, over lunch in the NGV Garden Restaurant, and after class.

Refik Anadol, LA based media artist
Beatrice Leanza, Beijing based Cultural strategist and design critic
Amy Muir, Melbourne Architect, Director, Muir Architects
Mark Jacques, Landscape Architect, Director, Openwork
Robbert Roos, Director of the Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Ikko Yokoyama, Lead Curator, M+
Ewan McEoin, Hugh D.T Williamson Senior Curator Contemporary Design and Architecture, NGV
Simon Maidment, Senior Curator Contemporary Art, NGV
Simone LeAmon, Hugh D.T Williamson Curator Contemporary Design and Architecture, NGV
Brad Haylock, Associate Professor, Communication Design, RMIT University
Helen Whitehead, Associate Director, Marketing Business Partners at RMIT University
More speakers to be announced