Daniel Kruger
Necklaces, 2017
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Nature and Artifice
Presented by  Gallery Funaki

Gallery Funaki

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The exhibition Between Nature and Artifice features works by renowned contemporary jeweller Daniel Kruger. Daniel grew up in Namibia and was educated in Cape Town, before immigrating to Germany. Known for his ceramics and jewellery, Kruger weaves complex and diverse influences into his pieces, often from his own background but also via museum research and extensive collecting.

This exhibition explores the effect of culturally specific design on personal identity. In a new body of work, Kruger explores techniques and ornament found in Ndebele, Venda and Zulu beadwork, combining the craft practices of his homeland with a European outlook in an attempt to explore and define where, as an artist and as a human being, he belongs.

Kruger will give a lecture about his work in the month before Design Week on Thursday 22 February at 6pm, RMIT Building 12, Level 5, Room 2.

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