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What is biophilic design and why could it change the way we live in our homes and cities? This event is a one-day laboratory that explores the importance of biophilia, the innate need for humans to connect to nature, and its role in the design of our homes and cities. Using the unique location of a restored 1850s house with a one-acre urban farm, the day will include workshops, indoor and outdoor installations, talks and panel discussions to open your minds to the design possibilities of connecting to nature.


Dr Cameron Bishop, Deakin University
Nicola Cerini, artist and designer
Lee Darroch, artist
Dr Rea Dennis, Deakin University
Stephen Read, Stephen Read Landscape Design
Dr Phillip Roos, Deakin University
Dr Mary-Jane Walker, The School of Lost Arts

Please refer to the booking link for the day’s schedule.

Instagram: @stephenreadlandscape
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