Panel Discussion: Expanding the Perceptual Space of Publication

Sorry you missed this one!

Photographer Kate Disher-Quill, artist Fayen d’Evie, and Luke King will will read and perform excerpts from new projects that challenge art publishing to become more ambitious and innovative in perceptual content and form, reaching beyond restrictive norms of perceptual experience. Kate Disher-Quill will introduce Earshot, a collection of photographic and interview portraits with artists, designers, dancers, videographers and others with experiences of Deafness and hearing loss. Fayen d’Evie will discuss a collaboration with Negative Press and SFMOMA, Ascending (Descending) Sonic Shadows that offers a tactile reading of an encounter with a sound installation by Bill Fontana. Luke King will give a performative publication in Auslan of dancer Anna Seymour’s body of work excerpt of gestural poetics, and reflect on video publishing of AUSLAN narratives and movement vocabularies.

This is a live captioned and Auslan interpreted program.

Fayen d’Evie, Artist
Kate Disher-Quill, Artist
Luke King, Visual Artist