An image generated using neural networks and the titles of the two discussions of this event: Trust, Clients, Gods, Cost, Care, and Responsibility.

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The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Fed Square

Community Hall Ground Level

An image generated using neural networks and the titles of the two discussions of this event: Trust, Clients, Gods, Cost, Care, and Responsibility.
Past program

These two public discussions form part of a larger series running throughout 2023 and facilitated by Monash Architecture. The series centres around a working group of established and emerging architectural practitioners, workers, and consultants, who raise issues particular to their experiences, positions and perspectives in relation to architecture and practice. Interviews and meetings with the participants, completed before this event, have informed and guided the topics, format and structure.

Discussion 01: Trust, Clients, Gods

This first discussion centres on trust as an aspect of many relationships. When architects work, they are entangled in the preformed ideas of the architect—what they do and don’t do, should and shouldn’t do, and decisions they should and shouldn’t make. At times, the architect’s image has been of something God-like, omnipotent, but not so benevolent. Today, however, most architects work against such notions. Where does this leave architects in terms of their specific skills and knowledge; can we be architects that are trusted as architects and not Gods? We are interested in how these issues of trust become particular and emerge within the experiences of the group, who will present and discuss amongst other guests.

Discussion 02: Cost, Care, Responsibility

This second discussion examines that while registered architects abide by a Code of Professional Conduct, what guides what they do beyond this code, other codes, statutes, and anything else preformed? What responsibilities are imposed on architects, and at what cost? Architecture, of course, also costs money. Simple aspects of architecture and what architects do can compromise moral intentions; any absolute notion of good seems out of reach. How do architects try to care and be responsible while they address cost (and costs), all together and at the same time? These might be something personal, big, small, decolonising, emancipatory, democratic, simple, or pragmatic.

Building upon the personal experiences of the panelists, James Bowman Fletcher (Monash University) will facilitate both discussions. Participants for these two discussions include Lisa Garner (LIAN), Danielle Peck (Architecture Associates & Monash University), Jimmy Carter (Office MI—JI), Simona Falvo (Trower Falvo Architects), Dayne Trower (Trower Falvo Architects), James Harbard (JDH.A), Marijke Davey (Openwork & University of Melbourne), Jack Mitchell (Resistance Transmission & Monash University), and Anna Jankovic (SIMULAA & RMIT University).
This event takes place at Community Hall, a space to gather, connect and celebrate Melbourne’s diverse and creative communities, located in the heart of the Melbourne Now exhibition on the ground floor.

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